The Gateway Bronco Process

Craftsmanship, Precision, And Passion

At Gateway Bronco, our greatest pride is the craftsmanship, precision, and passion that goes into breathing new life into the classic Ford Broncos. We build our trucks the way Henry Ford envisioned – on a modern production line allowing our technicians to provide attention to every detail.


Over the course of your build, nearly two thousand hours will be devoted to sanding, painting, assembling, and inspecting the custom Ford Bronco of your dreams.


This is our process. Our passion.

The Gateway Process

Upon confirmation of your order, our team goes to work developing a detailed production plan.


Each Gateway Bronco is built to order to meet your exact specifications. This attention to detail, along with the lead times to receive the primary components for your Bronco typically require eight to ten weeks. As excited as we are to begin, having the specific assets in-house for your Bronco is an important first step to keeping your build on schedule.


During these first weeks, we’ll also meet with you for the first of three design reviews. Here we’ll review the vehicle configuration outlined in your build sheet, confirming any options potentially requiring body modifications.

Phase 1: Fabrication

Our mission in Phase I is to construct the strongest, most durable, most reliable foundation for your Gateway Bronco. Unless a donor frame has been specified, every Bronco begins with a Ford-licensed frame at its core. To that, our skilled technicians begin the detailed process of building custom roll bars, fitting side and rear panels and welding “The Tub” (as we lovingly refer to them) to create perfect flush and gap across your Bronco’s body.


3 to 4 Weeks in the process.

Vehicle durability and safety are given specific attention in Phase I, with each build undergoing no less than eighteen proprietary structural reinforcements. Think of this as us taking the absolute best foundation available for your Bronco and making it even stronger.

Media Blasting

Media Blasting

Media Blasting

Between Fabrication and the vehicle moving into Phase II, your Bronco’s body is thoroughly media blasted. This process ensures the vehicle’s entire surface, including hard-to-reach corners and seams, are completely prepped for autobody work and paint taking place in Phase II.


Once completed, your vehicle undergoes the first of its comprehensive quality assurance inspections. Our technicians meticulously inspect each Tub, confirming structural integrity and workmanship after media blasting. This important step ensures no vehicle moves forward without meeting our exacting quality standards.


A second design review takes place as your vehicle is placed in queue for Paint and Body, this time to confirm vehicle color and any unique design features requiring body modifications.

Gateway Bronco Logo

Phase 2: Auto Body

Many customers tell us things start to feel more real in Phase II. Here our specialists take your Bronco’s body to its raw metal form in preparation for any necessary bodywork. Bare metal allows us to locate, inspect and address any visible imperfections. All seams in your Bronco’s body are given special attention with each seam being thoroughly sealed to prevent water penetration and premature corrosion.

3 to 4 Weeks in the process.

As bodywork is completed, our focus shifts to prepping your Bronco for paint. Our multi-step preparation process ensures every inch of the vehicle’s exterior is given attention, resulting in the highest quality paint application possible.

For customers opting for a Raptor lining coating, this application is done after paint has been completed.

At this point the rebuild is 50% complete.

The Gallery

Excitement is high coming out of Phase II and seeing your Bronco’s custom paint!

Six to 8 Weeks in the Gateway Bronco Process.

As your Bronco awaits Assembly, it’s placed in queue alongside Gateway Bronco’s other works of automotive art. This important holding period allows your vehicle’s custom paint application to fully cure, while our production team ensures the primary components for your build have been received.


We’ll also meet with you during this window for a final design review where we’ll confirm decisions regarding features and options requiring special attention during Phase III.

Gateway Bronco Process. Side view of Bronco.

Phase 3: Assembly

Phase III is the last big push toward delivery. Things move fast now with your Bronco typically moving between six Assembly stages quickly. Here your chassis is completed, the electrical system is installed, seats and interior work is completed, and the vehicle can move under its own power. A highlight of Phase III is your Bronco’s “First Fire” – a milestone in every build.

12 weeks.

Road testing and inspection also take place in Phase III with our certified technicians checking, testing and re-testing every aspect, system and component of your vehicle over the course of a 500-mile exam. The result? A fully customized, fully licensed, fully warrantied Ford Bronco you can be confident driving Day One.

In the factory with the Gateway Bronco Process.
Side view of a Bronco in the middle of the Gateway Bronco Process.

Delivery: 2 – 3 Weeks

Gateway Bronco Process. Front view of Custom Ford Bronco.

For some clients, a Gateway Bronco is their first experience building a custom vehicle. We understand the journey from Design to Delivery may not be as glamorous or as fast as some might expect.


Our first priority at Gateway Bronco remains designing bespoke vehicles that exceed your expectations and deliver memories for years to come. This priority is reinforced at every phase, stage, and step of our production process.