The Journey of Locopony: A 1970 Baja Bronco 

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In the heart of Hamel, Illinois, in a climate-controlled facility, there sits a remarkable piece of automotive history: a 1970 Baja Bronco. This isn’t just any vintage SUV; it’s Locopony, a vehicle with a story as wild and captivating as the Baja desert races it once conquered. Now, it’s time for this unique vehicle to embark on a new adventure as we make room for a special addition to the collection.


Seth, a passionate collector and amateur racing driver, had always been enchanted by the rugged charm and storied past of the Baja Bronco. When he first saw the 1970 Baja Bronco, he knew it was special. The original documentation, including VHS tapes from the first owner, painted a vivid picture of the Bronco’s early life. It was a family SUV in Oregon during the 1970s, filled with laughter and adventures, before it was transformed into a Baja Bronco to compete in the Baja 1000.

Locopony’s four seasons in the Baja 1000 were legendary. Never wrecked and always resilient, it earned its place as a true one-of-a-kind vehicle. The Baja community remembered the former eccentric owner and his fondly named Bronco. When Seth took ownership, he honored its legacy while also making it his own.


Under the expert hands of the Gateway Bronco team, the Bronco received a powerful upgrade: a Ford Motorsports 427 aluminum stroker motor. This wasn’t just a restoration; it was a resurrection. The Bronco roared to life with unparalleled power, ready to tackle any terrain.


“Whether it was cruising down the historic Route 66 or exploring the winding roads around Hamel, the Bronco has been a blast to have in my collection.” said Seth. The Bronco’s full potential was put through the paces on Seth’s family’s 500-acre retreat in Missouri, where he navigated rugged trails and open fields.

One of the most memorable journeys was in 2022, when Seth drove Locopony from St. Louis to Townsend, Tennessee, for the Bronco Super Celebration. Pulling an outlanding camper, the Bronco turned heads and stole the show, a testament to its enduring appeal and robust performance.


Now, 1970 Baja Bronco is ready for its next chapter. It’s more than just a showpiece; it’s a reliable, thrilling companion for off-road adventures. For those who understand the spirit of the Baja and the joy of the open road, Locopony offers a chance to own a piece of history, lovingly maintained and ready to ride. If you’re ready to continue the journey, this remarkable vehicle is ready to hit the road once more. Stay tuned to see what vehicle gets added to the collection.