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Every Bronco has a story. From cross country road trips to joy rides up and down the California coast, our custom ford broncos are built for adventure. Read a bronco story, check out some of the recent events we’ve attended or learn more about what goes into building custom ford broncos. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for or want to share your own bronco story, shoot us a message!

The Quintessential Vintage Ford Bronco

Custom Broncos

In the world of classic cars, few vehicles hold as much allure and nostalgia as the first-generation Ford Bronco. A symbol of rugged adventure and timeless style, the Bronco has captured the hearts of enthusiasts for generations.

Where Art and Adventure Meet

Custom Broncos

In the world of classic car restoration, Gateway Bronco stands out as a true innovator, setting itself apart with a meticulous focus on perfection and quality control. Innovation is not just a buzzword…

Driving Forward

Custom Broncos

As we accelerate into the new year, our team is gearing up for groundbreaking product launches coupled with exciting product innovations, facility expansions, and customer experiences.

Journey To Ironman

Custom Broncos

Ironman changed my life. The journey to becoming an Ironman triathlete is a profound experience that extends beyond completing a race. Many expressed how Ironman will change you forever…

Modern Legend On Wheels

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Boasting the perfect balance between classic and modern, this 1970 Ford Bronco is part of our re-engineered LUXE-GT Edition product line.

From Sabbatical to Success

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In January 2016, Seth took a leap of faith, embarking on a sabbatical year that would ultimately lead to the establishment of Gateway Bronco. After selling his consumer electronics company…

Gateway Bronco Wrapped

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We’ve wrapped up our 2023 highlights that made this year legendary, and we’re grateful for every moment shared with our Gateway Bronco family. From the Hamptons to the Malibu hills, great customers and groundbreaking innovations kept our engines revving! Let’s rewind and savor the coolest exhaust notes of 2023.

The Year In Photos

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As Gateway Bronco closes a banner year, CEO Seth Burgett reflects on his favorite heritage Ford Bronco photos from the past 12 months.

2023, A Retrospective

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Seth Burgett

As we wrap up an extraordinary year, I find myself filled with gratitude for the incredible moments we’ve shared at Gateway Bronco. It’s been a year of milestones, and I am eager to take a moment to reflect on the journey and extend an invitation to join us in the excitement of 2024.

Product Lineup

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In the world of vintage SUV restomods, Gateway Bronco has emerged as a notable contender, and their reimagined Ford Bronco lineup offers something for every automotive enthusiast.