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Every Bronco has a story. From cross country road trips to joy rides up and down the California coast, our custom ford broncos are built for adventure. Read a bronco story, check out some of the recent events we’ve attended or learn more about what goes into building custom ford broncos. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for or want to share your own bronco story, shoot us a message!

The Steelhead Bronco


When a shiny Gateway Bronco rolls off the factory floor, it’s in the first stages of a new life. There will be plenty of happy stories going forward, fresh memories that will last a lifetime.

Cover Star


The EV Resto-Mod movement is in full swing, and Gateway Bronco is leading the way. For an eye-opening look at the cutting edge of EV technology pick up a copy of EV Builders Guide magazine.

Meet Mike, Our New Innovators Scholarship Intern


Tyler, Texas, native Mike Kirkpatrick jumpstarted his career in automotive repair soon after he snagged his first car – a 2000 Ford Mustang. A popular muscle car with the perfect blend of power and handling for a new driver…

Consumer Centric Design™ with Seth


Seth Burgett, founder and CEO of Gateway Bronco, is a recognized expert in the field of product design — especially in the areas of ergonomics and balancing aesthetics with utility.

Track Attack!


CEO Seth Burgett scores big win in debut at Blackhawk Farms Raceway.
“Throttle Therapy” is a favorite diversion for many in high stress careers.

1970 Boca Raton Bronco

Custom Broncos

At Gateway Bronco, the LUXE-GT Edition is the halo representation of what is possible when vintage personality and modern engineering are fused into one rolling work of art.

Innovators Scholarship


With the global embrace of electric vehicles, Gateway Bronco expanded its auto tech internship program to include an EV focus and awarded a pair of scholarships to McPherson College and the Carroll Shelby Automotive Program at Northeast Texas Community College.

Gateway Bronco At Barrett-Jackson


Gateway Bronco joined Barrett-Jackson for its 2022 return to Palm Beach, Florida. After a two-year hiatus due to COVID, the collector car community flocked to the world’s greatest collector car auction.

Manufacturing A Bright Future


As part of the ongoing rollout of the Kummer initiative, the Chancellor of Missouri S&T, Mohammad Dehghani, visited Gateway Bronco in March. He and his team were given a shop-floor tour of Gateway Bronco’s Hamel, IL, factory.

Bronco Spotlight: Double Take! Build No. 89

Custom Broncos

It’s hard to imagine any Gateway Bronco could be a “sleeper” given the high-impact style, state-of-the-art technology and luxurious appointments crafted into each one. But if any could qualify, it might be build number 89.

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