Custom Ford Bronco FAQs

Everything You Need to Know About Our Custom Broncos

Building a custom Ford Bronco is a big decision, one that requires a lot of thought and consideration. To help you decide if building a custom truck with Gateway Bronco is the right move for you, we’ve compiled a list of custom Ford Bronco faqs. We cover everything from the build process to bronco care. If you don’t see an answer to your question below, just give us a call at 314.302.6988 or reach out via our contact form. We’d be happy to talk shop and provide you with all the information you need.


General FAQs

Q: Where does Gateway Bronco get their Ford Broncos from?
A: Our Broncos are mainly from high desert regions in California, Arizona, and New Mexico.


Q: Can I sell you my old Ford Bronco to Gateway?
A: Yes. Reach out to Seth if you’re looking to sell an early model Bronco outright or trade it in for a new Gateway Bronco build.


Q: Does Gateway sell pre-owned Broncos?
A: Yes, we occasionally have the opportunity to accept classic Ford Broncos on trade-in. Whether it’s an unrestored vintage Bronco or a classic vehicle provided on consignment, we’re diligent in evaluating these vehicles before making them available for sale. Check out the first-generation Bronco’s we currently have available for sale now.


Q: What’s the difference between a new Bronco and a restored Bronco?
A: A restored classic Ford Bronco retains an original vin number by keeping the frame but all other parts being new. A 100% new bronco would have a new Kincer Engineering chassis and have a VIN assigned by SOS.


Q: What is it like to own a Gateway Bronco?
A: Owning a custom Gateway Bronco vehicle is modern reliability with vintage aesthetics, including air conditioning and up to a 7-year warranty.


Q: Where is the Gateway Bronco shop located?
A: Our shop is located in Hamel, IL approximately 35 miles outside of St. Louis, MO. Our location, just off historic Route 66 in southern Illinois, keeps us close to our roots and the barn find vehicles that inspired the vision for Gateway Bronco.


Q: Can I tour the Gateway Bronco shop?
A: We offer tours of our shop by appointment only. To schedule a tour of our manufacturing facility reach out for available appointment times: [email protected].


Q: Can I see the custom Gateway Broncos in person?
A: Yes! We encourage anyone who is interested in purchasing a custom Gateway Bronco vehicle to visit our facility and see our custom built Ford Broncos in person or catch us at an event. If you’re interested in seeing our classic Broncos in person, reach out to schedule an appointment: [email protected].


Custom Builds – Bespoke Built FAQs

Q: How do I start building my own custom Ford Bronco?
A: Reach out today to schedule a time to talk with our owner, Seth Burgett to start customizing your bespoke built vehicle. Call us at 314.302.6988 or reach out via our contact form.


Q: What does the Bronco build process look like at Gateway Bronco?
A: We build our vehicles the same way Henry envisioned on a modern production line, providing our technicians the opportunity to evaluate each detail of your vehicle before they sign off on it.


Q: How long does it take to build a custom Ford Bronco?
A: All of our vehicles are custom built by our master craftsmen. From deposit to delivery, the total build time is about 18 months. We do offer an expedited process which is available for a fee. To learn more about our custom Ford Bronco build time or to lock in an expedited timeline, reach out to Seth today.


Q: What Ford Bronco body styles are offered?
A: Gateway Bronco specializes in the first generation classic Ford Bronco 1966-1977 body style. Here’s a list of our most popular models & body styles:

To start building your own custom Ford Bronco, click here.


Q: Do I have endless customization options for my custom Bronco build?
A: We are able to create unique vehicles that are custom built to our clients exact specifications. Interested in customizing a vintage Ford Bronco of your own? Reach out to Seth today.


Q: Do you have a list of all Gateway Bronco customization options?
A: Head over to our 3D Configurator to build your own custom Ford Bronco. If you don’t see an option listed or if you have a specific custom request, reach out to Seth today to start customizing your own Gateway Bronco vehicle.


Q: Do you have examples of past Gateway Bronco builds?
A: We have built and delivered over 100 custom Gateway Bronco vehicles. Check out some of our past builds.


Q: Can I build an electric Ford Bronco?
A: A custom EV Bronco from Gateway Bronco is the ultimate restomod, combining the timelessness of a heritage Ford Bronco with a modern, electric drivetrain delivering 400+ horsepower. A 100% green powertrain delivers all the torque you want in a guilt-free, zero-emission driving experience. Often described as modern technology that is rarely seen but always felt, the LUXE-GT is equipped with many luxury comforts like Apple CarPlay and active ride control. Want to start building your electric vintage Bronco, schedule a call today.


Pricing & Payment FAQs

Q: How much does a Gateway Bronco vehicle cost?

A: A bespoke-built Gateway Bronco starts at $200,000 but typically falls in the $250,000 to $500,000 range.


Q: How do you determine your prices?

A: Our prices are based on our 3 models: the Fuelie, the Coyote edition, and the LUXE-GT. The final purchase price will depend on the custom options that you choose for your Bronco.


Q: Why is there such a wide range in Bronco prices?

A: All prices are driven by the content and custom options in each of the vehicles. Gateway Bronco offers 3 product models with different options included in the base price. Each product model can be customized with additional options available to fit a customer’s needs.


Q: Why are Gateway Broncos so expensive?

A: Gateway Bronco has built a reputation through its unrelenting pursuit of quality and industry-leading innovation. Only at Gateway Bronco will you find timeless luxury combined with modern, proprietary solutions available which include but are not limited to:

  • Custom vehicles, hand-built on an assembly line
  • Patent-pending power convertible soft top
  • The industry’s best 7-year bumper-to-bumper warranty
  • Active ride control
  • Electric parking brake


Q: Do you offer financing options?

A: Yes. Check out our highly recommended partner Woodside Credit.


Q: Do I need to provide a down payment for my Custom Ford Bronco?

A: Yes. Our payment plan is broken down into 3 installments. The first installment is the deposit which totals 33.3% of the total purchase price and is required to hold your build spot. The second installment is required halfway through your project. The final and remaining 33% of the total purchase price is due once your custom-built Gateway Bronco has been delivered.


Q: What is the resale value of a custom Ford Bronco?

A: The resale value of a custom Ford Bronco varies. On the rare occasion, a Gateway Bronco has been resold, the owner has received $30,000 to $45,000 above the original purchase price. Gateway Bronco currently holds the world record for the most expensive first-generation Bronco sold at auction – check out this deep dive into the record setting Bronco.


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