EV Bronco

Starting At $265,000

A custom EV Bronco from Gateway Bronco is the ultimate restomod, combining the timelessness of a heritage Ford Bronco with a modern, electric drivetrain delivering 400+ horsepower. A 5-speed transmission and 100% green powertrain deliver all the rock-climbing torque you want in a guilt-free, zero-emission driving experience. All this, plus an amazing 200 miles of range!


The eco-friendly Bronco is a vintage Bronco that will allow you to enjoy road trips in style and without worry.


Click the link below to get started on your own custom Ford Bronco now! Once you tell us what you want we will start building and here’s what you can expect.

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Interested In Learning More?

Interested in learning more about our Ford Bronco customization options with our new line of Gateway Electric Broncos?


Our Consumer-Centric Design™ process ensures that we build exactly what will fit your needs and achieve your desired outcome. Let’s have a conversation today and start building your new EV-Bronco!


To reach Seth directly to learn more about every single custom Ford Bronco that Gateway Bronco has made:

Call or text him at 314.302.6988 or you can email him at [email protected].



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