Perfectly Preserved: The 1974 Grabber Blue Bronco

Custom Broncos

Finding an immaculately maintained classic vehicle is a dream for many auto enthusiasts, and we struck gold with the 1974 Grabber Bronco. This time capsule came as a barn find from a small town north of Denver. The owner, Sam, bought this Bronco as his first new vehicle, and with only 45,000 miles on the original paint, it was evident he had taken exceptional care of it.


The Bronco wasn’t just a showpiece for the owner; it was a part of his family’s adventures. This vehicle saw it all, from road trips to camping trips and even towing a boat that was purchased specifically to match the SUV. Among the treasures found in the Bronco was a snake bite kit in the glovebox, a testament to the rugged Colorado lifestyle for which this Bronco was designed.

Stored in a Quonset hut at the back of a barn alongside other classic vehicles, including a 1972 Light Jade Green F-100, the Bronco was a marvel of preservation. To get the Bronco out, we used the family’s daily driver, the F-100. In the end, Seth couldn’t resist making a package deal for both vehicles.


Back at our facility in Hamel, it took minimal effort to get the Bronco running. The original vinyl seat coverings, backed by a lifetime warranty, were still intact. The owner’s wife proudly mentioned these warranty papers, a delightful exchange between a baby boomer and a Gen-Xer.


Driving the Bronco is a joy. After displaying it at the prestigious La Jolla Concours, Seth took it for a drive along the beach. “It handles beautifully, shifting smoothly with its three-on-the-tree transmission—a rare quality even among the best-preserved Broncos. The AM radio works with clarity, and the original spare tire is still in place. Sam made only a few modifications, including adding exhaust, new tires, a hitch, a CB radio, and shocks, ensuring the Bronco stayed true to its original form.” Seth expressed.

This Bronco has been meticulously preserved, regularly maintained and even using racing fuel to keep it in top condition. The four-wheel drive works flawlessly, and the hood mechanism is still as good as new. This vehicle is not just a classic; it’s an investment-grade asset, destined to appreciate over time.


Having been a proud steward of this vehicle, it’s time for this perfectly preserved Bronco to find a new home. It remains a standout in any collection, showcasing a level of originality and care that’s increasingly rare in today’s market. If you’re seeking an iconic, unrestored, classic, this 1974 Grabber Blue Bronco is ready for its next adventure.