Art on Wheels

Custom Broncos

Gateway Bronco is delivering dreams to driveways, turning a customer’s vision into reality. The team is creating rolling works of art. The creations often strike a personal chord with the Gateway Bronco craftsmen as they come together.

“As we help a client design their vehicle through our Consumer-Centric Design, our team can’t help but fall in love with the truck along the way,” observed Gateway Bronco CEO Seth Burgett.


That was definitely the case as the featured Fuelie Edition™ neared completion The combination of color, equipment, character and stance resulted in an ideal balance. “While every vehicle we build is special, this particular Bronco caught my attention during the final stages of assembly,” noted Burgett. “When I saw it in the shop it stopped me in my tracks. It might be a vehicle that qualifies as Art on Wheels.”

The first feature to catch the eye is the deep, dark metallic blue paint. “We use a proprietary blend of paint that began as an AMG Mercedes hue. It provides a unique side tone that delivers brilliance in the sun and is unique to the Gateway Bronco experience. The metallic blue is balanced with painted ranger stripes to create what our customer’s have described as Art on Wheels.”

The striking exterior color complements an interior covered in a distressed Italian leather, including the baseball-stitched leather covered roll bar. The Shelby GT350 Sport Steering Wheel and genuine barn wood bed introduce additional warmth and character. Adding both practicality and style to the passenger compartment of this Texas-bound truck is Gateway Bronco’s air-conditioned seats with a handsome perforated, double diamond stitch.


Mechanically, the Bronco is more than capable for any sunny day driver. It is powered by a Gen 3 Coyote 5.0-liter V8. The Kincer Engineering Active Ride Suspension with pushbutton control will keep it well behaved driving down the highway.

“This is a well-balanced Bronco,” Burgett said. “Most of our team said it is close to their dream build.”


High praise indeed. But when balance is achieved with a relentless pursuit of perfection, it creates Art on Wheels.