Wild Horse Wednesdays – Episode 3 – Barn Finds


Welcome to Wild Horse Wednesdays at Gateway Bronco!


Today we’re going to talk about Bronco barn finds and in particular, this barn find, which is a 1974 Ford Bronco from rural Colorado. This is a Bronco in grabber blue. It’s a highly coveted color in the Mustang world and rarely seen in an original Bronco. We purchased this Bronco from the original owner and in fact, this was Sam’s very first new vehicle. This Bronco is quite special because it’s untouched.


It’s about as perfect as it gets a 25,000-mile survivor with so few modifications. It has a CB radio, it has vinyl covers over the original seats, it has a trailer hitch and it has mud flaps for those Colorado rocky roads. Other than that, this is an absolutely pristine example of a first-generation Ford Bronco. If you’re interested in purchasing an original paint Bronco that you might like for your collection, this is a museum quality piece far too nice to restore or turn into a restomod and we’d be happy to serve you with this Bronco or any other original paint Bronco that we find in the barns across America.


If you have more questions about Bronco barn finds contact us or call at 314.302.6988.