Bronco Science


With the start of each new school year, STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) receives a great deal of attention. This is a positive development, since in an increasingly technological society, STEM education plays a crucial role in preparing the next generation of workers.


But a STEM focus is about far more than just solving math problems and learning the scientific method. The real-world applications are endless, even though sometimes students have difficulty picturing how such technology-oriented education can be leveraged into interesting and fulfilling jobs.


STEM principles are deeply embedded in the automotive industry, and especially at Gateway Bronco. The unique blend of art and science that is required to build a resto-mod SUV is an ample proving ground for a STEM-oriented vision.

Below are four examples of how STEM is used to improve the “user experience” of a vintage Bronco.


3D Scanning Software

The original 1966-77 Bronco earned generations of fans, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. One weakness is the original weatherstripping and the sub-par aftermarket options that existed. Using the latest technology, Gateway Bronco has developed weatherstripping (patent pending) that matches or exceeds the quality found in new vehicles. 


“We use 3-dimensional scanning software to develop proprietary weatherstripping for the Bronco,” said Gateway Bronco founder and CEO Seth Burgett. “It seals tight, works well, and solves a major problem on vintage Broncos.”

Software Integration

The refined driving experience of a Gateway Bronco, whether a Fuelie Edition, Coyote Edition, or LUXE-GT, does not happen by accident. The happy marriage between classic body style and modern powertrain and suspension is possible because of seamless software integration. Gateway Bronco’s proprietary active ride control suspension works in harmony with the Coyote V8 and 10-speed automatic that are controlled by Ford electronics. While invisible, the smooth coordination between components results in real-world refinement.


3D Rendering

Ready to map out your own resto-mod Bronco? Gateway Bronco uses video game technology and 3-dimensional scanning to produce an ability to 3-dimensionally render your ideal vehicle on their website. The forthcoming Bronco configurator will allow you to design the Bronco of your dreams, select model features and colors, and render how your vehicle would look. Follow us on social media and check back on our website for news on the launch of this feature.

Proprietary Convertible Soft Top

When the Bronco first rolled out of Ford factories and into the backroads of America, an SUV’s convertible top was a fairly simple device; it was really not much more than a folding tent. Thanks to Gateway Bronco’s Consumer-Centric design philosophy, the simple convertible top has come a long way from its humble origins. The company’s proprietary convertible soft top (multiple patents pending) is the result of two years of development. It allows a driver to easily configure the top for whatever the situation demands.


First, as you’d expect from a convertible top, it can be completely wide open. And, of course it can be completely closed and remain as a weather resistant soft top. But Gateway Bronco’s convertible soft top can also be configured to be partially open, with sun protection across the top, but wide open on the sides. Or, at the push of a button, it can drop the back portion of the top while keeping a Targa over the driver and passenger for a quieter user experience and sun protection.  Insert a video?


“It solves the needs of a coastal climate where you could have a storm that blows up fast,” Burgett said. “The most common comment is ‘I can’t have an open-air vehicle because a storm can pop up quickly, and I want to make sure my leather is protected.’”


Thanks to the targeted application of STEM principles, a custom Gateway Bronco is ready to navigate both city streets and backcountry trails, come rain or shine.

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