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The EV Resto-Mod movement is in full swing, and Gateway Bronco is leading the way.  For an eye-opening look at the cutting edge of EV technology teamed with classic automotive styling, pick up a copy of the new EV Builders Guide magazine, on newsstands now.


Your eyes aren’t fooling you — that is Gateway Bronco’s Seafoam Green 1972 LUXE-GT electric Ford Bronco on the cover, along with a 10-page feature inside. This 100% electric Bronco delivers on all levels — zero emissions, rugged off-road performance, prodigious power, and luxurious appointments. The LUXE-GT EV provides a 300-mile range, 800 ft/lbs of torque, and 0-60 times of approximately 4 seconds. The proprietary Gateway Bronco electronic ride control system can be easily switched between firm, sport, and luxury modes at the flick of a switch.


For an in-depth examination of the hardware and features of Gateway Bronco’s LUXE-GT electric Bronco, pick up a copy of EV Builder’s Guide. In the meantime, hop over to our EV-Bronco page on this website for more details on this special Bronco and information on ordering one of your own.

EV Guide

“The LUXE-GT EV is a zero-compromises product in a vintage Ford Bronco,” said Gateway Bronco founder and CEO Seth Burgett. “Not only is this our top-of-the-line product in the LUXE-GT, this is also an electric. EV Builder’s Guide is an excellent showcase for this new generation of custom electric vehicles and we are proud our Bronco has been selected as the cover car.”


Flipping through the pages of the magazine reveals how much creativity is behind these EV conversions. “EV Builders Guide is a publication based solely on the lifestyle surrounding vehicles that have had a combustion engine removed and replaced with an electric motor,” writes Brand Manager Chris Hamilton in the first issue of the magazine. “Our editorial team has been given the green light to scour the country in search of the highest quality hotrods that burn 0 miles per gallon.”


Gateway Bronco is perfectly positioned to bring the absolute best in EV and ICE engine Broncos to the market. We’re also helping fuel the passion for the next generation of auto technicians through our Innovators Scholarship.


For craftsman who want to be a part of the EV evolution in auto restoration, Legacy EV is offering an opportunity to be a part of their Certified EV Technician Program. Be sure to get your copy of issue 1 at major newsstands today, or order a copy at or take the plunge and subscribe.