Delivering Dreams to Driveways


Buying a premium vehicle should involve more than simply signing some papers and accepting a new set of keys. Every aspect of the buying process should be memorable and live up to a high standard. “At Gateway Bronco, we’re providing a bespoke experience, even down to the delivery,” said Gateway Bronco CEO Seth Burgett.


How a finished vehicle will be delivered is a factor that often gets overlooked by buyers caught up in the excitement of commissioning a custom car or truck. But Burgett has given considerable thought to the details of the delivery process. As a result, Gateway Bronco has a fleet of trucks to deliver vehicles directly to the customer.

“It enables our client to receive the vehicle whenever they desire, at whatever time of day, whatever location they would like,” Burgett said. “We have a ‘white glove’ treatment for our clients, and they deserve it. After waiting to have their vehicle built, they deserve to have an wonderful delivery experience.”


That’s a noteworthy contrast to many custom car builders who employ outsourced delivery services piloted by drivers who may know nothing about the vehicles they are unloading.

Gateway Bronco’s current delivery fleet includes a new Freightliner and Ford F-450 trucks and high-quality Sundowner trailers. The trucks are driven by dedicated Gateway Bronco employees who know their way around a Bronco. Clients are delighted by the special delivery service, making this a particularly satisfying part of the job.


“I’ve always heard ‘If you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life ’and I never really understood that until I worked here. I absolutely love it,” said driver Steven Lampley.

“People appreciate that they can get their vehicle delivered at any time of day or night,” Burgett said. “We’ve had deliveries both in Beverly Hills and the Hamptons on Christmas Eve. They are busy executives with busy families and as part of our customer experience motto, it is important to meet them where they are.”


Gateway Bronco’s custom resto-mod SUVs will kick-start many adventures for their new owners. But those first miles from the factory floor to the client’s front door are the ones that set the pace for all the future fun.