Wild Horse Wednesdays – Episode 4 – Donor Broncos

Welcome to Wild Horse Wednesdays at Gateway Bronco!


Today we’re going to talk about donor vehicles. People ask us all the time, “Can you restore my Bronco to look like one of yours?” And we say absolutely. In both cases, these are customer Broncos they brought to us to build into a Gateway Bronco. We have a red Bronco that started life as original paint rust-free classic Ford Bronco, we’ve now built it into a Bronco with a bumper-to-bumper warranty. It has everything you can imagine including genuine Porsche leather, air conditioning, power steps, and all the amenities that you would expect in a gateway Bronco. For the second, we have a vintage Bronco owned by the client for about 10 years. He’s finally decided it’s time to take it to the level of a Gateway Bronco.


We built this into a vehicle with a Coyote engine, a 6-speed transmission, and an all-white leather interior including a white leather dash with blue stitching, and it’s warrantied from bumper to bumper. The other question people ask us is, “How much is my Bronco worth as a credit from your standard pricing?” And we tell them it really depends on the vehicle, but if you can send us a select set of pictures we can quote you over the phone and when we get your vehicle, we’ll inspect it, lock in your credit off of our standard pricing.


We’ll be off to building the Bronco of your dreams! Now the other question people ask us is, “What if I don’t have a Bronco?” We’ll take care of that for you, our standard price includes the donor vehicle. We go out, we find the vehicle, we bring it in, we do all of that work for you, turnkey, so all you have to do is select the exterior color, select the leather and the options you want. We take care of everything else!


If you’d like to learn more about donor Broncos contact us or call at 314.302.6988.