A Sneak Peak Into 2024

As we accelerate into the new year, our team is gearing up for groundbreaking product launches coupled with exciting product innovations, facility expansions, and customer experiences. We continue to redefine the Gateway Bronco experience, on a mission to not only meet but exceed your expectations of what it means to drive with safety, enjoyment, and unparalleled craftsmanship. 


First Deliveries of the LUXE-GT 

The first new-generation LUXE-GTs are hitting the road and are packed with cutting-edge technology to elevate your driving experience. From traction control and electronic stability control to independent front suspension, full-time all-wheel drive, and anti-lock 4-wheel disc brakes, we’ve engineered a system that promises to set a new standard in driving excellence. With a lower center of gravity and several patents pending and granted, the LUXE-GT is designed to exceed your every expectation. 

Production Improvements 

We’re not just about innovation in our products; we’re also committed to enhancing our operational efficiency. Our quality controls have evolved, moving from hundreds to thousands of quality inspections per vehicle. This ensures that every Bronco meets our rigorous standards of excellence. Furthermore, our facility is undergoing significant expansion and remodeling. By spring 2024, the entire facility will be air-conditioned, and we’re investing in state-of-the-art capital equipment to elevate our manufacturing capabilities. These improvements build upon the momentum of our 2023 upgrades, including the addition of Garmat paint booths, a second booth, and GFS autobody prep stations. 

Customer Experience 

At Gateway Bronco, we believe in offering a personalized customer experience that matches the luxury and performance of our vehicles. This is why we’re excited to have Melissa Bernard on board, our Director of Client Experience. With her wealth of experience from luxury automotive brands like Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, Melissa is leading the charge in revolutionizing our VIP customer experience. Our clients will be expertly guided through every step of the customization, build, and delivery process. 

Design and Engineering 

In addition to our focus on customer experience, we’re pushing the boundaries of design and engineering. By stamping our own sheet metal and leveraging advanced CAD mapping technology, we’ve achieved unparalleled fit and finish in every Bronco we produce. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of our vehicles but also streamlines the production process for our team. 


As we look ahead to the future, Gateway Bronco remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence in the automotive industry. With our dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction, we are proud to continue delivering the world’s best driving vintage Ford Broncos around the globe.