Easy Breezy

Custom Broncos

Sometimes a Gateway Bronco build comes together that is so clean, so coordinated, with every classic and modern detail working in harmony that it looks like it came together effortlessly.


But there is no “easy button” and sometimes looks can be deceptive. It takes a lot of thought, planning, and skill to arrive at a result that looks like it all fell into place so easily. The Fuelie Edition™ Bronco featured here perfectly illustrates that behind-the-scenes process. Before arriving at the final design, it underwent more than 20 different renderings and combinations in search of the right balance of style and function.

The results demonstrate that all the effort was worth it. This Bronco was developed in tandem with the owner, who runs a design firm in California. His intent was to achieve a unique appearance that matched his specific design aesthetic and would best represent what he pictured for his own personal vintage Ford Bronco.


Step one in that design vision was for the Bronco to fit right in at its coastal California home. To achieve that beach cruiser vibe, Gateway Bronco mixed a custom Glasurit color by BASF for the base as well as a custom color for the painted ranger stripes, including the accent.


“This combination evokes a beach environment that the owner and our team believed would provide a solid California coastal vibe,” said Seth Burgett, CEO of Gateway Bronco. “The end result takes us back in time. Providing a vintage aesthetic while ensuring modern reliability and driving performance, is a cornerstone to our value proposition. I was thrilled to hear the owner’s response on arrival; it never gets old to learn how much our customer appreciates their Gateway Bronco on delivery. The vehicle has the right stance and all the right features. It delivers a soft, appealing combination that then blends nicely with the interior.”

Diving further into the depth of detailed work beneath the surface of every Gateway Bronco, there is far more to the seats than just the appealing leather coverings. While the original low-back bucket seat look is retained, Gateway Bronco installed new seat frames and added premium, substantial cushioning to build a much more comfortable seat than what came in Ford’s Bronco originally. Combined with a leather covered San Felipe roll bar, all aspects of the interior meld into a coordinated and functional whole.


Other key features include 18-inch billet aluminum wheels made specifically for Gateway Bronco, a Bimini top, patent pending barn wood bed, genuine SeaDek flooring in front, and a Ford Coyote 5.0-liter V8 teamed with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

In addition to the seemingly effortless charm of this Bronco’s design, it is also a sneak peek at a new beach-themed Ombré design study that will be available from Gateway Bronco later this year.


“When the customer received it, he told me, ‘Seth, the team nailed it,’” Burgett added. “The owner also said it was one of the best purchases he’s ever made. These are bespoke vehicles built on an assembly line. We are delivering dreams to driveways every week.”