EV Bronco or custom electric Ford Bronco. LUXE-GT Electric Bronco.

The Electric LUXE-GT Ford Bronco Introduction At Monterey Collector Car Week

This year’s Monterey Collector Car Week was a reunion of sorts, as the world missed so many car events in 2020. Collectors and enthusiasts from around the globe were anxious to enjoy the greatest car spectacle on America’s west coast. The weeklong celebration can fulfill almost any enthusiast’s dreams with scores of car shows, collector car auctions, historic races and vehicle unveils.


As a result, it was only fitting Collector Car Week be the perfect stage for Gateway Bronco to introduce its latest vehicle to the world. Combining the company’s commitment to innovation and the highest quality craftsmanship, Gateway Bronco’s newest addition to their vehicle lineup made a statement; an electric Bronco, that made an electrifying statement.


There, on the lush grass of The Quail Gathering, among beautiful creations like the reborn Lamborghini Countach and track focused Bugatti Bolide, Gateway Bronco’s spectacular new vehicle created a new category in the restomod truck industry. The electric LUXE-GT Ford Bronco won the hearts and imaginations of many on the morning of August 13. Featuring technology and innovation many assumed only available from OEM manufacturers, the electric LUXE-GT presents a reliable and eco-friendly alternative for enjoying the classic car hobby while retaining the appeal of the beloved first-generation Bronco.

EV Powertrains Gain Interest In The Automotive Industry

EV powertrains continue to gain interest and popularity in the automotive industry with multiple performance benefits, as well as the obvious environmental benefits. Gateway Bronco’s electric LUXE-GT delivers outstanding performance equal to many leading internal combustion engines. Delivering 300+ miles of range and a sub five second 0-60 mph time, Gateway Bronco and their partners have built an electric vehicle that is also a running and driving off road-capable classic SUV.


“Gateway Bronco is 100% committed to embracing new technologies,” said Burgett. “During our 5 years in business, we’ve collaborated with other leaders, trailblazers and notable organizations to develop each other’s products and grow our passion. While most of the trucks we build are traditional ICE powered classic Broncos, an EV allowed us to respond to our clients, leverage new technologies and expand our offerings.”


Both Roush Performance and Eaton Superchargers have worked with this booming company on multiple projects, but the EV landscape was a path that hadn’t been traveled yet within the company.

The LUXE-GT And The First Electronic Ride Control System On A Classic Bronco Were Introduced

“After meeting with multiple tech providers, we found an EV partner who could best meet our needs and provide a powertrain that would work in our first gen Bronco chassis. Converting a vehicle that began as a gas-powered brute to a high-tech EV Bronco was not an easy feat, but we are pleased to have secured an EV partner and are excited to work with them,” said Burgett.


While the new EV powertrain was the most obvious innovation on display on the LUXE-GT, it wasn’t the only one introduced by Gateway Bronco during Monterey Car Week. The company also introduced the world’s first electronic ride control system on a classic Bronco, thanks to another new partner, JRi Shocks.

The EV Powertrain Took Some Traditionalists By Surprise

“While the introduction of an EV powertrain took some traditionalists by surprise, realizing they could have an electronic suspension on a classic truck or SUV took things to another level,” added Burgett. “This cutting-edge system can turn any of our vehicles from a smooth riding highway cruiser into a tough terrain crawler with the turn of a button. It’s amazing.”


As the week concluded, and among some of the world’s most luxurious automakers and vintage cars, it was exactly the contrast of a restomod classic Bronco that drew crowds to Gateway Bronco’s exhibit.”


“Those accustomed to the fit, finish and materials lathered on a new Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce were genuinely surprised to see those same attributes on our vehicles,” explained Burgett. “Sitting next to the latest jets from Gulfstream, exotic motorcycles and hyper cars, our handcrafted SUV looked right at home. It fits perfectly within the lifestyle.”

LUXE-GT Electric Bronco top view.

The EV Powertrain Is Eco-Friendly And Provides Little To No Maintenance With An Electric Motor

When asked about the introduction of an EV powertrain on a classic Bronco chassis, Burgett offered a straightforward response.

“My answer is it was an easy decision: because there’s a market for it. After studying trends and talking to customers, we knew there was both excitement and opportunity in the market.”

On top of being eco-friendly, the EV powertrain delivers new benefits for ownership. Unlike the average classic restoration or restomod build, there is little to no maintenance with an electric motor. Oil changes, coolant flushes and spark plugs are a thing of the past with the presence of an EV drivetrain. This is a reliable, zero compromise vehicle that doesn’t leak oil or pollute the air. It’s the ultimate “leave no trace” when going outdoors to explore the wild or run weekend errands at your vacation property.


“Because innovation is part of our corporate culture, new opportunities will rise as relationships deepen,” said Burgett. “With the addition of the EV option to our powertrain lineup, we’re incredibly excited to see the journey it takes us on.”