Wild Horse Wednesdays – Episode 7 – Custom Exhaust

Welcome to Wild Horse Wednesdays at Gateway Bronco!


Today we’re going to talk about the custom exhaust. Now every exhaust built at Gateway Bronco is 100% stainless steel. It’s tig-welded from beginning to end and every Bronco delivered includes catalytic converters. Some of the questions we get from our client are; “Can you make my Bronco a little bit louder? Can you make my Bronco a little bit quieter? Can you change the depth of tone of the sound?” Our answer is yes.


We have designed and built internally at Gateway Bronco, custom mufflers just to meet the desire of our clients. We call this Consumer Centric Design. Now for the ultimate in control, we even offer active tuned exhaust. You can change, at the touch of a button, the depth of tone or the loudness of the sound. it’s just that easy! Thanks so much for joining Wild Horse Wednesdays at Gateway Bronco.


If you have more questions about custom exhaust options or would like to start building your own custom Ford Bronco, contact us or call at 314.302.6988.