From Sabbatical to Success

Custom Broncos

In January 2016, Seth took a leap of faith, embarking on a sabbatical year that would ultimately lead to the establishment of Gateway Bronco. After selling his consumer electronics company and completing 18 months with the buyer, Seth found himself with no obligations, ready to explore early retirement at the age of 46. 


His journey began with a passion for collecting classic cars, particularly 1967 Shelby Mustangs and Broncos. Recognizing the growth potential in first-generation Broncos as an investment, Seth set out to build a collection of original paint Broncos. Little did he know this venture would evolve into something much bigger. 

The turning point came when his daughter expressed interest in having a Ford Bronco as her first car. Determined to find the perfect one, Seth embarked on a journey. He flew from St. Louis to Yuma, AZ, armed with a cashier’s check and an eagerness to explore the world of Broncos. 


The initial encounter was far from smooth, with a rough shop in Yuma raising concerns about the safety of the vehicle. However, after a test drive and a series of adventures, Seth purchased the 1972 Bronco and began the journey back to St. Louis. The road trip included unexpected challenges like overheating, a radiator flush in a Walmart parking lot, and encounters with curious police officers. 

Despite that journey’s hardships, Seth’s passion for Broncos deepened. He continued to collect these iconic vehicles, experiencing the joys and quirks of each one. His daughter’s desire for a modern car, and wife’s safety concerns, led him to contemplate the idea of turning his hobby into a business. 


The pivotal moment occurred during a documented road trip with his daughter, exploring landmarks such as Walden Pond, Niagara Falls, and Glacier National Park. The journey gained attention on social media, with 33,000 followers cheering them on. Recognizing the potential, Seth decided to transform his hobby into a full-fledged business named Gateway Bronco. 

Gateway Bronco Paint Booth 2024

By September 2016, a 60,000 square foot building signaled the beginning of a professionalized approach to building and customizing Broncos. In January 2017, Gateway Bronco showcased its first vehicle at Barrett-Jackson, marking the start of a successful venture. 


Seven years later, Gateway Bronco stands as a testament to Seth’s vision and determination. The origin story reflects a remarkable journey from a sabbatical year to a thriving business, highlighting the passion for Broncos that captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide.