Meet Cameron, Our Latest Intern and Team Member


Cameron Boyce enjoys talking about growing up on a working farm in central Missouri. And he’s the first to point out that it isn’t for the weak or faint of heart. From cold early mornings to uncompromising weather and aging farm equipment, you learn to become resourceful when the unpredictable becomes your predictable.


While Cameron has a deep respect for his farming heritage, he wanted to follow his own path. Now the first in his family to have earned a 4-year college degree, Cameron is one of Gateway Bronco’s interns.

Cameron Boyce Gateway Bronco

“I’ve always enjoyed creating and building things,” said Cameron, “but I needed a change of pace — something with a little more get-up-and-go than a tractor. After high school, I spent five years in the Marines stationed in Quantico, Virginia, where I served as an air traffic controller. That gave me time to consider my long-term career path. After returning home from my military service, I enrolled at McPherson College and earned my Bachelor of Science in Automotive Restoration Technology.”


During his time at McPherson, Cameron grew to love repairing and rebuilding vintage motorcycles. He also was fortunate to have a roommate who interned at Gateway Bronco last year. “Colby really enjoyed his time at Gateway Bronco and encouraged me to consider interning there, too,” he added. “And I’m so glad for this opportunity. After just a short time here, I’ve been able to apply my education to real-world projects. I currently work in Stations 2 and 3, where the ‘body meets the chassis’ and I can help build out the electrical and HVAC systems.”

Cameron Boyce Gateway Bronco

When asked about his goals for an internship at Gateway Bronco, he responded, “My initial expectation was this would be a repetitive 9-to-5 job. But I have been surprised that nothing here is repetitive. Every Bronco we build is truly a custom piece of automotive art. And while this may be a large operation, the atmosphere is more like a close-knit restoration shop. Everyone both enjoys building Broncos and hanging out to do things outside of work, too.”

Cameron Boyce Gateway Bronco

A career in automotive restoration can be defining. According to Cameron, the people you meet in the industry will help sculpt and mold your path. Both the professional network and skills continue to grow. “It’s incredible to see your work come to life in something as moving as a Gateway Bronco. And knowing it’s going to a part of automotive history is just icing on the cake.”


Gateway Bronco’s internship program has become an incredible way to find the best craftsman and automotive talent — like Cameron and Mike Kirkpatrick — in today’s market. That’s why we’re excited to announce we’ve extended full time positions to Cameron and Mike and are grateful to have them as part of our team.