Meet the All-New Gateway Bronco LUXE-GT

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The world’s best driving and safest vintage Bronco in the world was introduced by Gateway Bronco at The Quail. Originally codenamed “Pegasus”, the covert project was developed at a Skunk Works facility in Melbourne, Australia, and unveiled in Monterey, California, during Car Week. The new vehicle was so impressive that half of the first year’s production was sold within hours.


Based on the classic Ford Bronco, the design of the new LUXE-GT includes an all-new modern chassis developed by an international team, driving performance that competes with the world’s elite sport SUVs, and 10 patents pending or granted. The incredible performance, safety, and driving enjoyment of the new SUV is leading the popular vintage Bronco market.


“For ‘Project Pegasus’, we remastered the vintage Ford Bronco by keeping the essence of the classic SUV but elevated to modern day standards using the latest technology and safety features,” said Gateway Bronco CEO Seth Burgett. “Our development team was chartered to create the best vintage Ford Bronco on the planet and after four years and millions invested into research and development, we overshot that target. Instead, we landed on the world stage with a vintage Ford Bronco that performs with the best sports SUVs the world has to offer.

“The Ford 5.0-liter engine and 10-speed automatic transmission provide reliable power. The designer interior is both functional and so meticulously crafted that we have 10 patents applied to protect the design. The vehicle delivers multiple world’s first achievements in a vintage Ford Bronco including anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, electronic traction control and all-time, all-wheel drive. The LUXE-GT by Gateway Bronco targets road going performance. We consider it to be equivalent of the Porsche GT3 for sport SUVs. It is a fully remastered vintage Ford Bronco.”


Burgett dreamed of a remastered vintage Ford Bronco that would deliver a world class driving experience; this is the culmination of a journey that spanned the globe. He partnered with an international team that included OEM vehicle designer and low volume auto manufacturer Premcar, Ltd in Australia, a world-class racing and development driver from California, Billy Johnson, and an ISO 9000 manufacturing center in Michigan, RLE International. MSPR for the vehicle starts at $400,00 and the SUV delivers performance competitive with the world’s elite sport SUVs on par with those made popular by Ranger Rover, Mercedes and Porsche.

Built on an entirely new chassis, the remastered vintage Ford Bronco features:


• Full-time All-Wheel Drive

• Anti-Lock Brakes

• Electronic Stability Control

• Electronic Traction Control

• Generation 3, Coyote 5.0 with 10-Speed Automatic

• All Stainless Exhaust with Ceramic Coating

• Bi-Modal Active Exhaust Tuned for the Bronco

• Push Button Start

• 18-inch Sport Wheels with BF Goodrich K02 Tires

• 4-Point Family Roll Bar

• Focal Studio Sound System

• Carplay Screen with Bluetooth

• Rear Backup Camera

• Power Windows

• Air Conditioning

• All Weather Denim Designer Interior with Leather Accents

• Genuine Birdseye Maple Wood Bed and Tailgate

• Patent Pending Soft Close Doors

• Patent Pending Soft Close Tailgate

• Color Matched Custom Bimini Top

• LED Lighting Package

• Ombré Design by Katy paint scheme

• Glasurit “Piano” Finish

• One of One – “Big Sur Love” treatment.

“The new LUXE-GT was conceived during a camping trip in Glacier National Park of Montana, developed in the Skunk Works engineering facility outside Melbourne, Australia, and unveiled in Monterey, California,” Burgett explained. “Working with our team in Hamel, Illinois, Premcar developed a prototype we field tested across the Australian Outback at 120 mph over all types of punishing conditions. Now the vehicle is taking on the world.”


While the vintage Bronco styling remains intact on the LUXE-GT, the nostalgic profile conceals the full story. The body is structurally reinforced and provides a lower center of gravity. The ladder frame is 70% stiffer than popular aftermarket replacement frames while delivering superior rigidity. This frame enables cutting edge crush zones front and rear. The LUXE-GT is painted with a Glasurit Piano Finish by BASF for a rich European-style gloss.


Under the skin, every aspect of the vehicle has a modern upgrade. That level of performance is possible due to a completely new, modern chassis that is significantly stiffer than the original Bronco, teamed with an independent suspension, electronic stability control, and anti-lock brakes. Safety was a key design element all along and every element, from the fuel tank location to the ride height was considered.


The powertrain consists of the proven high-performance 5.0-liter Ford Coyote V8 with 10-speed automatic and full-time all-wheel-drive. In LUXE-GT fashion, it is capable of acceleration from 0-60 mph in just 5.3 seconds. Stopping distance is equally impressive, with 60 mph-0 in only 148 feet compared to 180+ feet for most vintage Broncos using a non-ABS braking system.

It is easy for LUXE-GT buyers to create a bespoke build that reflects their personal style with the recent launch of the 3D configurator and a dedicated design team assigned to each project. The display Bronco, which sold quickly in Monterey, included the new Ombré Design by Katy package called “Big Sur Love”. The striking gradient stripes are available in several colors and patterns and can be paired with any upholstery and flooring concepts imaginable. This unique livery is patent protected to ensure exclusivity for Gateway Bronco clients.


“The designer handcrafted LUXE-GT made its public debut during Monterey Car Week and we’ve already taken 12 orders and even sold the prototype that we unveiled in California,” noted Burgett. “This investment-grade vehicle was designed with the safety of family in mind and built for sport performance. With production limited to only 25 units per year, it will be a very exclusive offering.”


The SUV was completed at Gateway Bronco’s 60,000 sq. ft. state of the art manufacturing center in Hamel, Illinois. The facility is vertically integrated from metal fabrication to paint and final assembly. The facility has a relentless focus on quality and going green in 2024 with full solar throughout the facility supporting the founder’s personal mission to improve the quality of life for others. Those interested in a LUXE-GT can leverage Gateway Bronco’s Consumer-Centric Design™ process and online 3D Configurator. Gateway Bronco delivers vehicles from the low $200,000 to $800,000 range. Additional information about the heritage Ford Bronco and F-series classic truck lines from Gateway Bronco is available at

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