Mission Accepted: Gateway Bronco Charity Sweepstakes


Every classic Ford Bronco owner had a mission in mind for the tough little SUV. That mission could have been any number of adventures. First-generation Broncos were naturals for reaching remote areas to hunt, fish, or camp, tackle ranch work, make deliveries on tight urban streets, or simply go four-wheeling into the sunset.


The reimagined 1968 Bronco featured here likewise has a mission in life, and it is an important one. It is being offered as a sweepstakes prize by Gateway Bronco to benefit the Special Operators Transition Foundation (SOTF). This non-profit organization is committed to helping the Special Operations Forces from the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines transition from their military service into their next successful career. SOTF provides coaching, mentoring, networking, career targeting, and other services to support Special Operators as they leave the service and prepare to enter the civilian workforce.

“I believe in the mission,” said Gateway Bronco founder and CEO Seth Burgett. “As a firm believer in executive coaching, we are passionate about SOTF’s mission. We fully support our nation’s veterans, especially our Special Operators who have gained elite skills and taken extraordinary risks to protect our great country.”


The SOTF Sweepstakes Bronco made its public debut at the Audrain Newport Concours at the end of September where it wowed Jay Leno, host of Jay Leno’s Garage, among other celebrities and guests. “The public debut at the Audrain in Rhode Island with Mr. Jay Leno went off flawlessly. Mr. Leno’s comments about the vehicle were a shining moment in the unveil, a testimony to the dedication of our master craftsmen. We were pleased with the media turnout and their response to the vehicle,” Burgett said.

The stunning SOTF Sweepstakes Bronco certainly looked right at home at a formal occasion like Audrain. But it is ready for just about any new mission the next owner


gives it, thanks to its performance capabilities, sophisticated and rugged suspension, and comfortable appointments. Power will never be found wanting, thanks to the Coyote 5.0-liter V8 with ROUSH Performance Supercharger, backed by a 10-speed automatic transmission.


Underneath, for when the going gets tough, is a tuned 4-link suspension with Gateway Bronco’s proprietary Active Ride Control, along with Eaton TruTrac differentials and a Wilwood cross-drilled big brake kit.

The exterior styling is as crisp as a military dress uniform. The Bronco’s matte Dark Blue color is accented by painted ranger stripes, and the cut fenders are finished with painted carbon fiber flares. The raised Ford lettering on the tailgate is painted Wimbledon White as a complementary touch. Other highlights include power-retractable steps and 18-inch slotted wheels paired with 35-inch tires.


The interior is elegant yet ready for any backcountry adventure. Surfaces are Italian distressed leather, including a leather-wrapped 4-point family roll bar. The custom bimini top that comes with the vehicle matches the interior. Additional interior details include a GT350 Sport steering wheel, charcoal German Square Weave carpet, and Gateway Bronco’s genuine barn wood bed.

“Special Operators risk their lives in service of their country every day,” said SOTF co-founder Rob O’Neill. “We’re obligated to help them successfully transition to their next career outside the military. I’m excited about all the horsepower supporting that mission from this sweepstakes for a heritage SUV by Gateway Bronco. It’s an amazing prize that will benefit an amazing group of people.”


The sweepstakes runs until January 31, 2023. 100% of the proceeds go to SOTF. To view the rules for the Ford Bronco charity sweepstakes and to enter, go to: www.gatewaybronco.com/win