Ombré Bronco

Custom Broncos

Whether it is beach, desert, or mountains, the human eye is always attracted to pleasing patterns, especially those glimpsed at sunrise or sunset. In the design world, a pattern that gradually blends from one color or shade to another is known as an ombré pattern. Those types of striking gradations make an impact when incorporated into automotive design as well, as seen by the Fuelie Edition™ Gateway Bronco featured here.

The gradient paint scheme on this Bronco is especially appropriate, given the metamorphosis of this vehicle. Before the husband and wife brought their truck to Gateway Bronco, it was used for pleasure driving in the Scottsdale, Arizona area. In its previous condition, those pleasure cruises ended all too often with an Uber ride home after the vehicle broke down along the way. It needed help in the form of a complete Gateway Bronco makeover.


“We stripped the vehicle to a bare frame, then addressed the mechanical and electrical reliability by installing a Gen 3 Coyote 5.0-liter V8 with 10-speed automatic transmission,” said Seth Burgett, CEO of Gateway Bronco. While the reliability and performance aspects of this original-OEM-frame vehicle were vastly improved by the tried-and-true powertrain and exacting Gateway Bronco quality control standards, the design required a fresh approach.

As the primary driver of the vehicle, the female client had a vision in mind, one that incorporated an ombré design. She brought in a sample from a logo that she loved to help inspire the styling theme. Burgett put his head together with Gateway Bronco’s industrial designer to come up with the composition, a painted red-to-orange gradient on a white background.


Gateway Bronco’s carbon fiber fender flares made a nice contrast to the warm and bright color combination. Complementary features include a body mounted and painted Family Roll Bar, low-back original style seats covered in diamond stitched distressed Italian leather, with matching leather on the dash and console. An Apple CarPlay system is incorporated into the console, including a backup camera that displays on the CarPlay screen.

“It’s an absolute stunner,” Burgett stated. The Ombré Bronco is a fine example of how Gateway Bronco can work closely with a client to bring their automotive aspirations to life.


The Ombré Bronco made its public debut at The Amelia Concours d’Elegance in early March. “We can’t believe you were able to turn our dream into reality,” the clients said upon receiving the vehicle. It appears others were impressed as well. At last check on Facebook, Gateway Bronco’s post spotlighting the Bronco had received 2.2 million organic views, and more than 11k likes and comments. That kind of pattern is hard to miss.