Ombré by Katy

Custom Broncos

Capturing a particular vibe is a constant challenge in the design world, but the rewards when successful can be huge. If a glance at a freshly designed product evokes a certain feeling, expresses a moment in time, or creates a mood, then the designer has truly captured lightning in a bottle.


Broncos we’ve featured in the past two newsletters are fine examples of how superior design can capture a vibe. With their gradient color schemes known in the design world as an ombré pattern, these custom Gateway Broncos exhibited a retro flair while also recalling a sunrise in the desert, or sunset on the beach.

Fortunately, those vehicles were not one-offs. They were early peeks at uniquely distinct ombré design packages that will be available on Gateway Bronco’s ground-breaking new vehicle that will debut at Monterey Collector Car Week in August. The package will be known as The Ombré Design Study by Katy, and it will be featured prominently on the first new-generation Gateway Bronco that will take the spotlight in Monterey.


Katy, in this case, is Katy Schuman of Arizona. She and her husband Chris own the first of the Ombré Broncos featured in our newsletter. It was Katy who supplied the design direction that resulted in the Ombré Bronco of her dreams. That was followed by a collaboration between her and Gateway Bronco’s CEO, Seth Burgett. She is a designer by profession, starting her career in the fashion world in Los Angeles before shifting to interior design. Her business is Bohemy Houz, based in Paradise Valley, Arizona.


“We moved to Arizona and were building a home when I shifted my focus to interior design,” she said. “We created a home here and that attracted a great deal of attention and was featured in a trio of magazines. People started asking me to help with their spec custom homes. Each of those made the cover of a magazine. From there it took off.”

Katy may come from the world of fashion and design, but she is no newcomer to the Bronco fold. In high school, she drove a 1978 Bronco. Later, she and Chris purchased an orange 1969 Bronco from the original owner in Santa Monica, California.


According to Katy, “Chris and I immediately fell in love with this ’69 Bronco when we laid eyes on it. Being by the beach, it seemed like a fun little weekend cruiser.”


That Bronco was later transformed by Gateway Bronco into the first Ombré. “I wanted it to be different but still retain a vintage or retro style,” she said. “Everything that I envisioned included 1970s and 1980s retro stripes. And being in Arizona, I felt that sunset stripe would be perfect.”


“People love it. Everywhere we go, we get thumbs up. And what’s cool about it, I think it is received equally by women and men,” Katy said. “Moms have approached me at school and say that it makes them so happy when they see me in that SUV.”

“Katy is a gifted designer, an individual that exudes creativity and someone I enjoy working with each week on our journey to create a limited edition of Ombré inspired Broncos as part of our Monterey product launch,” said Burgett. “She has a boundless number of ideas and such a wonderful eye for ensuring this vintage aspect is on-trend. The Ombré design aesthetic is where she spends her time and energy as a professional. This personal passion project is right in line with what she loves.”

The Ombré Design Study by Katy package will naturally include more than just the striking gradient exterior paint scheme. “This is a 360 degree approach to the vehicle,” Seth explained. “It includes distinctive interior designs, which is a major component of the project. There will be denim elements in the interior that make it feel like we’ve turned back time to the 1970s when Levi’s and Nike ruled.”

That first next-gen Gateway Bronco with its Ombré design elements, nicknamed “Big Sur Love” thanks to its 1970s California surf vibe, is nearing completion by the day. “Katy and I work each week with our graphics designer who is bringing to life the ideas of this design study.” Burgett has a long history of award winning designs including some of the most prestigious in the world, from The Good Design Awards to the Red Dot design award. “This is one of my favorite projects of all time. I have had the extreme privilege of working with iconic designers from David Kelley’s team at IDEO in product design to automotive designers such as Camilo Pardo, designer of the Ford GT. Working with Katy has been a pure joy and this is sizing up to be one of the most satisfying projects I’ve been involved with,” Seth reports.


If you’re heading to Monterey Car Week in August, be sure to catch the reveal of this exciting new model. You can also follow Gateway Bronco’s social media channels for more news and updates on the Bronco that will upend all established patterns.