Porsche Paint To Sample

Custom Broncos

For those who appreciate the look and character of a classic SUV, but also love the modern performance delivered by technological advances, this is a dream come true. Never has there been a better time to enjoy the best of both worlds, as the Coyote Edition™ Bronco shown here amply demonstrates.


It was built to preserve the broad-shouldered, square-jawed classic Bronco lines and personality, but with sophisticated suspension, muscle car drivetrain, and 21st Century interior comforts and conveniences. “It’s upscale, it’s refined, it’s luxurious, and yet it retains the character of a vintage vehicle,” said Gateway Bronco founder and CEO Seth Burgett.

The owner specifically wanted to create a truck that preserves the vintage style and integrates an updated modern powertrain and suspension. Remaining true to its vintage heritage, it features uncut fenders, white powdercoated wheels, custom white painted grille, body color impact bumpers and other details that, at first glance, might fool an observer into thinking it’s a stock restoration. But it doesn’t take long to discern the truth.


A sharp ear will recognize the rumble from the stainless steel exhaust that signals a Generation 3 Coyote 5.0-liter V8 is under hood. The 10-speed automatic transmission is a far cry from the “3-on-the-tree” of so many Broncos.

The Kincer Engineering chassis and 33-inch all terrain tires are clues to the suspension upgrades. Using a proprietary Active Ride Control Suspension with pushbutton control can help make this potent SUV at home in any environment.


Some of the customization on this Bronco is more subtle. “The owner wanted to maintain the vehicle’s vintage vibe,” Burgett said. “He started by seeing a Porsche on Bring a Trailer that stated Porsche Green ‘paint-to-sample’ custom paint code. That led us down a path to re-create the ‘paint-to-sample’ program made famous with Porsche. What resulted in an even better Porsche paint with more metallic that the customer fell in love with. That deep green is paired with a Wimbledon White hardtop.”

“The Porsche Luxor Beige interior is unique and came to life with a quick approval by the owner when presented with the design,” Burgett explained. “Since the Bronco is headed to Texas, the owner requested cooled seats. The cooled seats created a need for the high-back buckets to be perforated. When combined with the double diamond stitch, we recommended offsetting the quilt to make it more distinctive. This design has been an instant hit. It’s one of a kind, now added to the Gateway Bronco options list.”


Other interior highlights include the family-style roll bar with baseball-stitched leather covering, Shelby GT 350 Sport Steering Wheel, custom door panels, leather-wrapped dash and console, rearview camera, Studio Sound with Bluetooth, wireless CarPlay, Sirius radio, and Gateway Bronco’s genuine barn wood bed and tailgate. The Bimini top matches the interior color.

The possibilities of engineering a balance between yesterday’s character and today’s technology makes the resto-mod world so exciting. For this Bronco, being comfortable in both worlds is no problem at all.