The Year In Photos

Custom Broncos

Seth’s Top 10 Broncos

As Gateway Bronco closes a banner year, CEO Seth Burgett reflects on his favorite heritage Ford Bronco photos from the past 12 months.

Amelia Island Ombré

The Bronco we displayed in March at the Amelia Island Concours was our first Ombré design. It impressed the public as much as it did us, earning 2.3 million organic views on social media in the first 30 days. This vehicle was designed in partnership with a client in Scottsdale, Arizona, setting the table for our “Ombré Design Study by Katy” that is now optional on our product lineup.

Dallas Bronco

This 1977 Fuelie EditionTM Bronco represents a fresh take on the classic Brittany Blue paint. The client is an interior designer, and she was heavily involved in personalizing it in every way. It is a unique example of an uncut, bespoke Gateway Bronco.

Portugal Ombré

The Portugal Ombré was one of the first two Broncos to receive this stunning design package with gradient stripes; it proved one of the most photogenic builds of the year. Built on an original donor chassis, this Coyote EditionTM Bronco is living its best life across the Atlantic. It looked so good, along with the first Ombré, that we applied for a patent on the livery.

Scottsdale LUXE-GT™

This Bronco was a wedding present for the client, who worked hard to personalize this custom design. It is reminiscent of the Wind Blue vehicle we displayed in Monterey in 2022, but the color was made even creamier. The interior is a premium distressed Italian leather with a Ralph Lauren plaid. The end result is elegant and timeless.

The Newport Beach Bronco

The creative client who owns the Fuelie Edition Bronco worked with us for nearly a year to develop and design this deeply personalized vehicle. The warm tones of the genuine leather interior complement the tones of the curated exterior for a cohesive aesthetic.

Bicentennial Bronco

This special Fuelie Edition Bronco was four years in development. It calls Philadelphia home and was developed by a client who was looking for a truly one-of-a-kind vehicle to add to his impressive collection. He wanted a genuine 1976 Bronco with Bicentennial livery, including ghosted American flags on the quarter panels that represent and honor the heritage of the American flag. Throughout the build it also features the Betsy Ross flag and the Liberty Bell. The SUV even has, from his personal collection, Bicentennial quarters, half-dollars, and dollars burned into the barnwood bed with a message that came from his wife off the back of their boat. It is one of the more detailed and custom designs we completed in 2023.

Gators Truck
This one is a tailgating machine. It’s orange and blue to match the Florida Gators school colors. It even has genuine alligator leather accents and twin alligator heads on the twin stick transfer case. It has an AC plug in the back for making it the ultimate “tail-gator.”



Dry Lake Bed LUXE-GTs

This year, we launched the remastered LUXE-GT which is the world’s best driving vintage Ford Bronco. It has anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, full-time AWD, a chassis that is 70 percent stiffer, and an independent suspension. It delivers a world class driving experience that exceeds the performance of a Range Rover Sport. This photo, taken on a dry lakebed, puts two of the first LUXE-GTTM builds in a warm and friendly light.

Montana LUXE-GT

This LUXE-GT was designed and built with a client who enjoys spending time at their ranch in Montana. The truck is personalized with red stitching and a quilt ed pattern to match the exterior red color. The family’s brand from their ranch is embossed into the headrests. With our patent pending Freedom Top, it provides a one-of-a-kind driving experience, and this image captured it perfectly.

Bronco Trio

We took the picture of these three Broncos in red, white, and blue, going across Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, with myself, four-time Trans-Am champion Tommy Kendall and Adam Ferrara of TopGear behind the wheel. The team got this wonderful drone shot of the trio, and I received tips from Adam on being a comedian! I don’t think it gets any better than that for iconic images for a wonderful record-setting and industry leading year of 2023.