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Custom Broncos

Bespoke vehicles have been a small but influential part of the automotive industry over the years. Early custom coachbuilders like Bugatti, Duesenberg, Zagato and Figoni et Falaschi were master craftsmen of one-off vehicles. Designing and building something special was often reserved only for royalty, captains of industry or hot rodders who poured thousands of hours into a vehicle.


“Customization is the heart of every truck that Gateway Bronco builds,” said Seth Burgett, Gateway Bronco CEO “Part of our ethos is Consumer Centric DesignTM which means nothing is ‘off the rack’. We strive to meet the needs of each customer. When we strike nirvana and create a special design that resonates with our customers, we may create a limited run of that design to retain its exclusivity for our clients. We refuse to create vehicles that look like every other Bronco. A special design is often copied by others, only in limited quantities by our team. We believe in the bespoke nature of a niche industry, that’s part of its charm.”

Gateway Bronco offers a solid menu of bespoke options for a vintage Ford Bronco. No element is left untouched. Patented convertible tops, exposed carbon fiber, race inspired liveries, world-class stereo systems, wireless Carplay, Ralph Lauren plaids, color matched stitching, Italian leathers, American Bison leathers, and genuine barn wood beds can personalize an interior. Active suspensions are available to tame the driving performance on the highways, as well as supercharged or electrified drivetrains, can round out a one-of-a kind build. Custom Glasurit exterior options are limitless, the Spray to Sample program made famous by Porsche is one of our specialties.


“Our clients crave the latest technology but want those features to feel seamlessly engineered into the vehicle,” noted Burgett. “They demand a vehicle that is organic. Long gone are the days when it was acceptable to feel as though the aftermarket stereo was added on or a suspension awkwardly grafted onto the chassis. At Gateway Bronco, the technology is ‘always present but rarely seen’. We integrate technology through proper engineering, delivering a sport SUV that has removed the bad behavior of the early Bronco while leaving the original charm and character of a 50-year-old vehicle. Our client is left with a uniquely Gateway Bronco experience.”


This ability to personalize a Bronco into a piece of art on wheels resonates with our client base.

Phil Deguire, who commissioned a reimagined Ford Bronco chose features like a Brittany Blue finish, Raptor lined underside, genuine Porsche leather interior with custom embroidery, 18″ sport wheels and a 5.0L Coyote V8 engine. He stated, “The thing about Gateway Bronco that stood out to me, was really the bespoke nature of the process.”


Access to personal design sessions with award winning designer and owner Seth Burgett is a benefit of creating a custom vehicle. Burgett has over 40 patents pending or granted and winner of The Red Dot Design award and The Good Design Award, some of the most prestigious of any design awards. This expertise in design is accessible for all Gateway Bronco customers. The sessions inside the studio are punctuated with breaks to see materials and technology within the production line mere steps away. This includes a quick test drive to experience the stable driving platform or uniquely quiet interiors.


“Each session is structured to maximize the process and minimize the time invested by our clients,” explained Burgett. “Two hours in our facility is all it takes, but not everyone can budget the travel necessary to visit us. Those limitations during the design process have been overcome offering a bespoke vehicle designed globally.”

Gateway Bronco is leveraging the same technology used by the fashion industry to create tailored shirts, bespoke tailored jeans and women’s swim suits to facilitate their design and build process. Through their online 3D configurator, the world’s first for reimagining the classic Ford Bronco and trucks, along with video calls, a collaborative process has evolved. Recently a unique Ombre design was created for a client in Ireland for use at his home in Portugal. All created through virtual design sessions with Seth and the team.


According to Burgett, “Nothing can replace the excitement of visiting our Design Center for an in-person experience, but our clients lead busy and productive lives. We have learned to seamlessly integrate some of the world’s best technology into our design process to give clients the ability to order the vehicle the way they want it, delivered to their exact design language, created in collaboration. They may be jetting across the country or jumping online between meetings to hold a painless and fun design session with our team. Sessions can last 20 minutes and be hyper productive.”

While Gateway Bronco will always build a limited number of exclusive vehicles, the company gives those with the desire, taste and means an opportunity to create a bespoke vehicle or have a design curated by Seth and his team to meet their desired outcome.


“Driving your Gateway Bronco is akin to wearing a fine Italian suit or evening gown,” added Burgett. “You are guaranteed to feel special; the vintage sport SUV will draw attention and be the talk of every dinner, golf event or soccer practice drop off.”