Ultimate Beach Cruiser

Custom Broncos

People take many paths to attaining their first Gateway Bronco, but trading up from a golf cart is not the usual progression. The classic Bronco shown here, however, provided just that steppingstone for the female client receiving the vehicle.


That unorthodox trade makes perfect sense once you understand that she lives in an island community where a vehicle that boasts compact size, flexibility, a convertible top, off-road ability, and distinctive style is highly valued. Her Gateway Bronco delivers on all counts. “It’s a distinctive vehicle with a beach vibe,” remarked Gateway Bronco CEO Seth Burgett.

The unique qualities of this bespoke design are immediately apparent, with a paint scheme developed specifically in collaboration with this client. Complementing the exterior hues are light Italian leather interior coverings and an eye-catching whitewashed barnwood bed.

“It incorporates safety for her small children, including a 6-point roll bar covered in premium leather with custom baseball stitching. It’s our first 6-point roll bar covered in this material,” Burgett said. The Bronco’s patented convertible soft top ensures that blue skies are only a push of a button away

Island living cultivates an easygoing mindset, but if needed, this perfect beach vehicle can hit the road with more power under the hood than any golf cart could ever match thanks to the Coyote V8 and 10-speed automatic powertrain. After all, even the balmiest island lifestyle coexists with typhoon season. This beach cruiser is right on point for every season of island living.