In the world of classic car restoration, Gateway Bronco stands out as a true innovator, setting itself apart with a meticulous focus on perfection and quality control. Innovation is not just a buzzword; it is a reality backed by 11 patents pending or granted. Every vehicle undergoes rigorous quality controls, with hundreds and even thousands of inspections before it is deemed ready for delivery. This commitment to excellence ensures that each finished product is not only differentiated but also of the highest quality.   

Consumer-Centric Design 

What truly distinguishes Gateway Bronco is its commitment to Consumer-Centric DesignTM. Through countless design sessions and a dedicated team led by Melissa Bernard, the Director of Client Experience, the company listens attentively to customer desires. The result is a personalized experience where clients can create the Bronco of their dreams from scratch. 


Exclusive Design Experiences 

Gateway Bronco takes personalization to the next level by offering exclusive design experiences. As an extended offering beyond our normal design sessions, clients have the option of an exclusive engagement with Katy Schuman, renowned interior designer and mastermind behind the aesthetic of our remastered LUXE-GT in 2023. This is a limited opportunity with only 10 engagements per year. Katy provides detailed creative input, creating design briefs that bring together diverse customer ideas that result in a final product that often exceeds expectations.

A Unique Journey 

The design process becomes a journey, described by many as more enjoyable than designing a boat or a home with an architect. An experience kit is sent to clients, allowing them to physically explore and match paint, leather, and wood samples at their convenience. This hands-on approach ensures that the final product is a true reflection of the client’s vision. 


Art and Adventure 

Gateway Bronco seamlessly blends art and adventure into the creation of each vehicle. Clients consistently describe their Broncos as “art on wheels,” earning accolades at car shows across the country. The process of designing the product is an adventure, culminating in a piece of art that can be enjoyed and passed down through generations. 

Generational Gifts 

One of the most remarkable aspects of Gateway Bronco’s work is the creation of generational gifts. Adult children and young adults receive these custom vehicles, often embarking on unforgettable journeys with their parents. Whether driving to a ranch in Wyoming or embarking on a cross-country trip between high school graduation and college, these experiences become cherished memories. 


Gateway Bronco’s relentless pursuit of perfection, commitment to Consumer-Centric DesignTM, and the infusion of art and adventure into each project make it a leader in building bespoke vehicles. As clients drive away in their personalized Broncos, they not only possess a unique vehicle but also a tangible symbol of shared experiences and cherished memories that will endure for generations to come.