Gateway Bronco

Luxe GT

This vintage Ford Bronco is a 1972 Ford Bronco EV Custom. A brand new paint color, Sea Foam Green with Ranger Stripes was used to design this perfect beach cruiser. Features include, tarpon brown Porsche leather heated seats with houndstooth inserts, leather wrapped roll bars, powered steps, and a sea deck flooring! This EV has a rang of up to 300+ miles and 600+ HP.


Sure to be head turner that is also perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

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Specs & Options

  • Kincer Chassis
  • Licensed Ford Body
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Genuine Porsche Leather Interior w/ Houndstooth Inserts
  • Heated High Back Seats
  • Custom Billet Aluminum Wheels
  • Apple Car Play
  • Sea Deck Flooring
  • EV Motor
  • Wilwood 4-Wheel Disc
  • HydroBoost Power Assist

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Gateway Bronco

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