Wild Horse Wednesdays – Episode 8 – Body Modifications


Welcome to Wild Horse Wednesdays at Gateway Bronco!


Today we’re going to talk about Bronco body modifications. In particular, the question that we get asked all the time, do we restore an original Ford Bronco that’s rusted and turn it into brand new show-quality condition, or do we take a brand new body to build what we do a Gateway Bronco? We would state that we do both. How do we turn each of these into a show-quality vehicle?


What we do is we put each, either restored or a brand-new body, into an 18-point modifications process that is proprietary to Gateway Bronco. This body modification process takes our Vintage Broncos and turns them into the fit and finish with a flushing gap that truly shows quality. So people ask us, “What are flush and gap?” The flush is how well does the door align with the rest of the body? Or the gap, how well is that vertical seam on the door versus the front fender? This is how we consistently provide show quality vehicles for every Bronco delivered. Thank you so much for joining Wild Horse Wednesdays at Gateway Bronco!


If you have more questions about Bronco body modifications contact us or call at 314.302.6988.