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Uncut Bronco

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The uncut Bronco like the one shown here is the way all first generation Broncos came from the factory. These Broncos, produced from 1966-1977 were introduced on August 11, 1965 and came with the TV commercial announcing the Bronco as the ““first four wheel drive sports car.” Its tough to say that anyone would consider the Bronco a car, however, that’s how it was announced. The idea that the Bronco was the first four-wheel drive sports car might provide some insight for why Engineer, Paul Axelrad and Product Manager, Donald Frey agreed to launch the Bronco with such small wheel openings in the rear. Today, these vehicles have become rare especially in unrestored condition. The uncut Bronco has spurred a term affectionately known by followers as the LUBR. Standing for Lifted, Uncut (early) Bronco.


Like most Broncos along the way, even the first prototype Bronco has the rear wheel wells cut and flared after appearing in the first Bronco TV commercial with uncut wheel wells. By 1977, the first prototype had the popular modification completed. The challenge with the uncut wheel wells, it limited what size tire and wheel could be installed. In particular, the rear wheel well severely limited the off-road enthusiast from adding 33 inch or larger tires because they would rub the rear quarter panel. With the help of Bill Stroppe, who was responsible for making the Stroppe Baja Bronco, wheel flares and other off-road options were available thru Ford dealers nationwide. That helped make cutting the front and / or back wheel wells a popular dealer installed option, increasing the tire sizes up to 35 inches and above with lift kits.

This barn find LUBR started life as a 1973, manual transmission, V8 powered truck similar to what is shown here. When Gateway Bronco found it in 2017, the truck was an original paint, uncut Bronco with 25,132 miles from Mountain Home, Arkansas. It remained in the same family for over 40 years. The 2nd owner acquired it while building a home in Arkansas. Eventually the family that owned it sold it to the 2nd owner who purchased it with the dream of restoring it in retirement. Once the 2nd owner sold his company and learned how good it is to be retired, he decided that restoring even a 100% rust free, original paint Bronco is a lot of work. So he sold it to Gateway Bronco as a donor and we performed a nut and bolt, bare metal, rotisserie restoration on the vehicle. Once the truck was built it was soon purchased by an executive in Boston who was looking for a daily driver.


This Bronco stops in a shorter distance than a new Ford Raptor, providing truly modern, effortless braking. To provide the modern conveniences of a daily driver on the inside, an all Alpine stereo with Bluetooth is outfitted in this Bronco along with proprietary noise and vibration reduction. To top off the quiet cabin, a genuine Porsche all leather interior has been installed with suede headliner and German square weave carpet. We use leather exclusively available from the northern alps in Austria for the finest interiors that that we describe as Rugged Luxury. This Bronco may look similar to its roots, however, today would be considered a Sport SUV with 435 HP Coyote 5.0L engine and modern 4 speed automatic. Maybe Donald Frey and Paul Axelrad should have called the Bronco, the “original Sport SUV”. This Coyote Edition restomod can most definitely be described as “Sporty”, powered by the Ford Mustang and interior from the Porsche 911R.



Original paint, uncut and 25,132 miles. This is the perfect Barn Find and now a Coyote Edition restomod.



Original paint, uncut and 25,132 miles. This is the perfect Barn Find and now a Coyote Edition restomod.

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