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Barn Finds And More

Every Bronco has a story. From cross country road trips to joy rides up and down the California coast, our custom ford broncos are built for adventure. Read a bronco story, check out some of the recent events we’ve attended or learn more about what goes into building custom ford broncos. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for or want to share your own bronco story, shoot us a message!

Ford Bronco Warranty


Wild Horse Wednesdays

Wild Horse Wednesdays – Episode 2 – Warranty
Welcome to Wild Horse Wednesdays at Gateway Bronco! Today we’re going to be talking about warranty. So there are three things pe…

The Making of Gateway Bronco

Company History

Seth Burgett

When I was growing up in a small farm town in central Illinois, we had a neighbor, a mechanical engineer, who had a small shop behind his house. There was a piston in there so…

The First Name In Bronco Restorations Is Now Doing Vintage Ford Pickups


It was only four years ago that Seth Burgett started Gateway Bronco, but as we’ve all learned by now, things can change quickly in the 21st century. Back then, some people tho…

Soon You Can Buy A 700-HP-Plus ’69 Ford F-Series Restomod Licensed By Ford


Jason Gonderman

The mad scientists at Gateway Bronco out of Hamel, Illinois—the same folks that brought us the amazing collection of restomod early Broncos—have now lifted the curtain on the …

Gateway Bronco Is Now Going To Work Its Magic On Classic F-Series Pickups


Brett Foote

Gateway Bronco has been building some pretty amazing, well, Ford Broncos for quite some time now. Its formula is simple and often similar to other restomod builders out there …

Restoring Classic Ford F-Series Pickups



Gateway Bronco made a name in the vehicle restoration business by expertly rebuilding classic Ford 4x4s with modern drivetrains, suspensions and amenities. Perhaps because the…

Restoring Classic F-Series Pickup Trucks From The ’60s & ’70s


Bryan Hood

It’s no secret that the right restomod can pique the attention of collectors. But while plenty of classic cars and SUVs have been given the treatment, the same hasn’t always b…

Win An Electric Ford Bronco!

EV Bronco


First-generation Broncos are a legendary piece of American auto history. Add Gateway Bronco’s craftsmanship to the mix as they restore it and you get a truly special work of a…

Making Vintage Ford Broncos Brand New Again

News Article

It hasn’t exactly been a secret: Ford is bringing back the Bronco. We don’t yet know what it’ll look like when it’s finally unveiled this spring, but it will have true off-roa…

$650,000 Bronco Sold to Raise Money for Alzheimer’s Research


Gary Gastelu

The first-generation Bronco was restored and updated by Gateway Bronco for NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney’s charitable foundation and auctioned to raise money for Alzheimer’s resea…

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