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Barn Finds And More

Every Bronco has a story. From cross country road trips to joy rides up and down the California coast, our custom ford broncos are built for adventure. Read a bronco story, check out some of the recent events we’ve attended or learn more about what goes into building custom ford broncos. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for or want to share your own bronco story, shoot us a message!

High Adventure in Big Sur


We are inviting you to accept the challenge in August for Gateway Bronco’s Big Sur Touring Experience.

Ombré Bronco

Custom Broncos

Whether it is beach, desert, or mountains, the human eye is always attracted to pleasing patterns, especially those glimpsed at sunrise or sunset.

Delivering Dreams to Driveways


“We have a ‘white glove’ treatment for our clients, and they deserve it. After waiting to have their vehicle built, they deserve to have a really nice delivery experience.”

Make it Modern

Lauren Duensing; FF Journal

At Gateway Bronco, Hamel, Illinois, Seth Burgett and his team of skilled workers design and restore Broncos the Henry Ford way—on an assembly line.

Ultimate Beach Cruiser

Custom Broncos

The unique qualities of this bespoke design are immediately apparent, with a paint scheme developed specifically in collaboration with this client.

Our Community’s Commitment to Giving


The bottom line is that through our platform and the generosity of donors, over $2.4 million has been raised for charity in a very short time period,” said Burgett.

Hagerty Partnership with Gateway Bronco on Display at Amelia Island


Excellence is attracted to quality, in the same way that automotive enthusiasts seek out like-minded people.

Star Power

Custom Broncos

Ben Affleck lights up Hollywood in his new LUXE-GT Edition EV Bronco.

Market Focus: Collectible Cars vs Collectible Trucks and SUVs


As each new generation of automotive enthusiasts ages into its prime earning years, the vehicles they covet move to the forefront. Sometimes market changes make people recognize the virtues of previously ignored vintage vehicles.

The Farm Team: Building the Next Generation of Car Builders


Training the next generation of STEM workers through scholarship opportunities and internships ranks high on CEO of Gateway Bronco’s priority list.