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Gateway’s Born-Again Ford Bronco Boasts Classic Style, 2018 Muscle Car Power

Custom Broncos


The born-again Ford Bronco will be one of the stars of the 2019 Detroit Auto Show. Off-roaders who would rather hit the trail in the original model are in luck. An Illinois-…

An Illinois Company Is Building Brand New Ford-Licensed First-Gen Broncos

First-Gen Bronco


Everyone’s excited about the upcoming 2020 Ford Bronco, in part, because of what the nameplate means to American culture: adventure, ruggedness, and fun. It was the first-ge…

The Easiest Way To Own A Vintage Ford Bronco

Custom Broncos

Robb Report

Opened last summer in Hamel, Illinois, Gateway Bronco is one of the newest players in the Bronco restoration industry and possibly the quickest. Frustrated with the turnarou…

Gateway Bronco Bringing An American Classic Back To Life

An American Classic

Fox News

Seth Burgett is turning his lifelong passion for classic American automobiles into a bronco-busting business.
The St. Louis-area-based entrepreneur spent his youth digging …

Uncut Bronco

Barn Find

The uncut Bronco like the one shown here is the way all first generation Broncos came from the factory. These Broncos, produced from 1966-1977 were introduced on Aug…

The First Bronco

The First Bronco

The First Bronco was built as a teal green, 6-cylinder half-cab at the Ford Michigan pilot production plant in 1966. This truck would later receive a V8 transplant and red p…